Wednesday, December 28, 2016

GOTY 2017 Announcement

The 2017 Girl of the Year, Gabriela will be announced tomorrow from 7-9 a.m. on Good Morning America.

American Girl has also been posting youtube videos with clues about Gabriela. So far we have:

GOTY 2017's name starts with "G" (Gabriela).
GOTY 2017 lives in Philadelphia and has a sandwich shop.

GOTY 2017 loves to dance.

And lastly, GOTY 2017 is a poet.
From what we have seen overall, we are not huge fans of Gabriela. We think that having a GOTY dancer is too overdone (Isabelle was only two years ago!) and her collection seems to closely resemble Marisol's. However, this last clue has us excited. American Girl has not had a doll who likes poetry before, so at least there is a new spin on Gabriela!

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