Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Release - Truly Me

The latest release included several exciting sets for Truly Me!
First, American Girl has put out a new mix and match collection featuring summer-y colors and patterns.
Tropical Print Dress
The first mix and match piece is the Tropical Print Dress, which retails for $14. This dress features a bright tropical patterned dress with a blue mesh layer and yellow double-straps.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Release - Gabriela!

It's that time of year again, and we have a new Girl of the Year! GOTY 2017 is Gabriela McBride. Gabriela is an African American doll, which excites us since AG has not had a doll of color be the Girl of the Year since Kanani in 2011. Gabriela is a dancer, which we were not too happy to hear. Don't get me wrong, we love cute dance outfits, but it has only been two years since the last GOTY dancer (Isabelle in 2014). But there is a new twist on Gabriella - she is a poet and has a stutter. I think this is great since there has not been a doll like that before, so at least she is unique in that aspect.
Gabriela Doll and Book
The Gabriela doll retails for $115 and has dark skin, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. Her meet outfit includes a purple cropped top with three-quarter length sleeves and a dream graphic layered over a teal tank top, skinny jeans, purple and blue sneakers, and a pink double headband.