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Welcome to our Meet the Dolls page! Here you can see all of the dolls we have in our collection, along with a little overview of when we got them and where. As usual, one of us will be identified using italics and the other in bold. This will help identify which dolls belong to who. 

The Kit doll on the left is in her pre-BeForever outfit. The Kit doll on the right is in Kit's Floral Print Dress and the yellow hair clip from Kit's Hairstyling Set.
The first dolls that we got were 2 Kit Kittredge dolls. We got these dolls for Christmas in 2007. Both of us wanted Kit, so we both got one. This was before BeForever came out, so they are the original Historical dolls. Whenever we use both at the same time, we refer to one of them as Kit and the other as Maggie, short for Margaret, which is Kit's real name. 

 The next dolls we received were Pleasant Company Samantha and Nellie dolls. We got these dolls for Christmas in 2008. They were bought at the Madison Benefit Sale for us.

Our next dolls we got were Gwen and Sanoli. They were the two best friend dolls released to go with Girl of the Year 2009, Chrissa. They retired at the end of the year with Chrissa and her collection. We purchased these dolls with our own money at the American Girl Place in the Mall of America in Minnesota. Coincidentally, our best friend ended up getting Chrissa, completing the 2009 Best Friends trio.

My 4th doll was Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010. I purchased Lanie at the American Girl Place inside the Mall of America in Minnesota. She is my second GOTY doll, and was when I started falling in love with the GOTY line. Lanie's green and blue striped meet dress is my favorite AG piece of clothing I have in my collection!

I got Rebecca Rubin in 2010 when we went to the American Girl Place at the Mall of America in Minnesota. I am in love with her Historical collection and pair her meet boots with every historical outfit I own! To this date, she remains one of my favorite dolls.

My next doll was Just Like You #29, who I got for Christmas in 2011. She came in the Real Me Outfit. I had originally wanted to get Kanani, GOTY 2011, but  our younger sister got her because I had gotten the GOTY doll last year (2010 Lanie). I decided to choose a JLY that looked a bit Hawaiian and named her Kiana.

I named this doll Josie. She is a Just Like You #57 and I got her for Christmas in 2011. Her hair is so cute and very low maintenance. I highly recommend her as a first doll because of that.

I got Julie at the Mall of America store in Minnesota in 2013. I had originally been planning on getting Saige, but did not want the same doll as my sister and coauthor of this blog. I was very sad, but was determined not to have the same doll. After much consideration, I decided not to get Molly (who was about to retire at the end of the year) and  picked Julie instead. I had always wanted Julie, but she kept getting overshadowed by GOTY dolls. I am very glad that I got her before AG changed the Historical line to BeForever though, because I love her meet outfit she is wearing in this picture. I love her hair so much!

As soon as Saige was released, I knew I had to get her, since she likes art and horses, and I had similar interests at the time. I bought her at the AG store in the Mall of America in Minnesota in 2013. I adore her meet outfit - the dress and boots are so cute and I love her red curly hair as well. 

I got Isabelle at the American Girl Place Chicago in 2014. As soon as I saw her, I loved her. I love all American Girl outfits that are for dance, gymnastics, or ice skating, so I had to get her. I absolutely love her collection, especially her mix and match items and dance outfits. I also like her pink hair extensions, since I also have both Truly Me highlights sets and like them a lot.

I bought Marie-Grace right before she retired at the American Girl Place Chicago in 2014. Marie-Grace was sort of my surprise doll, because I really had not intended on purchasing Marie-Grace that day. Before we went to Chicago, I had decided to buy Josefina. However, when we were there, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to get Cecile when I saw her in person at the store, but unfortunately, she was already sold out. I settled for getting her best friend Marie-Grace instead, and I am so glad I did.

 I did later end up getting Josefina for Christmas in 2014. She is my first BeForever doll, but I do like her BeForever meet outfit more than a lot of the other dolls'. I think it is still historically accurate, and I love the style of her camisa and skirt!

I ended up getting Grace (GOTY 2015) at the 2016 Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale. I love Grace so much, because I like to bake and love anything to do with Paris. They had plenty of her on the second day of the sale that year, and I managed to find one with perfect hair and pierced ears. I am still so happy that I got her.

I I also purchased truly Me #59 at the 2016 Benefit Sale. She is a doll that I had wanted, but did not want to pay full price for. When I saw they had her on the second day of the Benefit Sale for a great price (and pierced ears!), I knew I couldn't refuse. I brought her home with me and named her Abby.

I got Caroline after she was archived at the 2016 Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale. I managed to find a doll at the Benefit Sale that still had a hair net on, so I decided to bring her home with me! I have always loved Caroline's hair and although it can be challenging, I still love taking care of it.

I got Lea, GOTY 2016, at the 2017 Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale. I loved Lea and her collection ever since I first saw a picture of her, so I'm so glad that I was able to get her at the sale - I even got one with pierced ears!

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