Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I was on americangirl.com the other day and I noticed that several items in Rebecca's collection are 60% off. 

The sets on sale include Rebecca's Costume Set, Rebecca's Director Set, Rebecca's Phonograph Set, and Rebecca's Teatime Traditions.
These are usually fairly expensive sets, so this discount makes them much more affordable.
However, these pieces make up a large portion of Rebecca's collection, and many of them are listed as no longer available. Will they be retired and replaced with some new additions to Rebecca"s collection? Or is Rebecca going to retire in the near future? I hope not! If you look at our AG Closet page, you'll know that I love Rebecca, so I hope Rebecca will be getting some new sets in 2017.
I was curious, so I looked at the other BeForever collections, and the only other outfit this seems to be happening with is Kit's Floral Dress. That outfit is pretty old, seeing as it was around since before BeForever, so I think it is possible that it will be archived and replaced.

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