Sunday, October 16, 2016

American Girl at Kohl's

I had seen on another blog that American Girl would be selling GOTY and Wellie Wishers products at Kohl's, but I took a trip to Kohl's yesterday and finally got to see it for myself!

 A sign hanging from the ceiling helped us to find the stand. It was just a rack in the middle of an isle, but it was packed full of things from Lea's collection.

Girl-sized clothing was displayed on either end of the rack. They had  Lea's Dress for Girls and Lea's Rainforest Dreams Pajamas for Girls.

One full side was filled with Lea Dolls!

I was so excited to see her in person for the first time and she is just as gorgeous in real life as she is in catalog pictures! 

The Lea doll included the same things as she would in an American Girl store - doll, book, bag, and compass necklace. (I think I am in love with her colorful messenger bag!) 

The opposite side had Lea's Adventure Tee for Girls and Lea's outfits and accessories. They had Lea's Accessories for $32, Lea's Rainforest Hike Accessories for $28,

Lea's Mix and Match Swim Set for $34, Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit for $34,

Lea's Rainforest Dreams Pajamas for $24, Lea's Bahia Outfit for $28, Lea's Celebration Outfit for $34,

Lea's Beach Picnic Set for $34, and Lea's Beach Accessories for $34. They also had Sea Turtles and Three-Toed Sloth stuffed animals for sale. 

The Wellie Wishers were not in the isle like Lea and her items, but they were a little ways down in their own display - I almost missed them!

They had several items from the Wellie Wishers line. They didn't have everything, but it looked like some things had already been bought.

They were sold out of Willa, but they had Camille, Ashlyn, Kendall, and Emerson.

As tempted as I was to get Lea, I decided to pass on her for now - although I hope to add her to my collection sometime! I did, however purchase a few of her outfits.

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