Thursday, November 17, 2016

American Girl Truly Me in Toys R Us Milwaukee

Select Toys R Us stores had their grand opening of American Girl merchandise on October 29, 2016. Only certain stores stocked American Girl, so you might want to check on this website to see if the store nearest to you has it before you go. The store nearest to us did not stock the Truly Me items, so we drove up to Milwaukee the day after the release. The prices are all the same as they would be if bought directly from American Girl.

The American Girl section was right in front, and it was very well stocked, considering the fact that it was the day after the grand opening.

They had several different displays set up, a lot like the AG stores.

There was an employee there who had been hired just to help people in the American Girl section, and she told us that they had had an inspector from American Girl come in to make sure that the displays were up to their standards. 

They had many items from American Girl's latest holiday release as well as existing items.

They even sold large furniture items, like the Gourmet Kitchen Set, Dining Table & Chairs, Adventure Pop-Up Camper and the Adventure Tent.

On the back wall of the American Girl section were the Truly Me dolls. They were lined up in the Lilac Dress with stickers of their numbers on them. Truly Me dolls were also available underneath many of the displays.



I did notice that, while most of the items were available, certain items were not. For example, I had wanted to buy the Holiday Penguin Pajamas, but the employee said that their store was not given any to sell.

 This Toys R Us also carried items from the Wellie Wishers line, but much more room was devoted to Truly Me.

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