Tuesday, February 14, 2017

6 New Dolls for 2017

In an email from American Girl, it has come to our attention that there is a confirmed release of not one, not two, but six new dolls for 2017!
The first doll released in 2017 is Gabriela McBride, Girl of the Year 2017.
Most of you will know about Gabriela, so I won't say much about her. She is the only doll in this post who is already released!

The next doll that will be released on February 16, 2017 is Tenney Grant. Tenney is a Contemporary character, which is a new line featuring modern dolls. Tenney is a singer. songwriter, and musician, so she is new material as far as modern dolls go. Her ringlet and outfit are so cute! I can't wait to see what her collection will include.

Another doll to be released on February 16 is Logan Everett. He will be the first American Girl boy doll created and is also part of the Contemporary collection. Logan and Tenney's stories intertwine, as they are part of the same band. This makes me wonder if all of the Contemporary characters will be friends or if it will be just the two of them... I personally have mixed feelings on Logan. I can see how some people would be interested in buying a boy doll, but I'm not sure if he will be popular enough to stick around. 

The last doll being released, or rather re-released, on February 16 is Felicity Merriman. I am so excited for Felicity because I never got her when she was available originally and have regretted it ever since. I think her meet outfit pictured above looks a bit fancy to be her everyday meet outfit, but it is adorable and fits the style of her time period, so I am happy with it!

The next doll, who will be released in spring of 2017, is Z Yang. Z is a character from American Girl stop motion videos, and I am curious to know more about her.

The last doll being released in fall of 2017 is Nanea Mitchell. Nanea Mitchell is being added to the BeForever line during World War II  in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I was shocked to see Nanea on this list! I have heard her mentioned a couple times, but have not seen anything hinting towards her release this year. I love her beautiful silhouette! It looks like she will be getting her own face mold with bigger eyes. I am not a huge fan of the new face mold, judging by this picture, but I will definitely wait to see it in person! I am very curious about this surprise doll and hope to see some leaks and outfit possibilities! I think her time period and location are very promising.

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